20 year survey

Please answer the following survey questions. The results will be announced at our reunion. Skip over any questions you don't want to answer. Survey must be completed by Tuesday, 7/26/11 so we can tabulate answers.

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1)   How many miles did you travel for reunion. If out of state, which state. If Texas, what city?

2)   How did you get here?

  By plane
3)   Are you married, single and or engaged?

4)   Longest years of marriage to a non-classmate

5)   Longest years of marriage to AHS 91 classmate: who?

6)   Oldest Significant Other/Partner

7)   Youngest Significant Other/Partner

8)   Do you have children? If so, how many?

  None for me
  Almost-pregnant with 1st
  Yes- 1 child
  yes-2 children
  Yes-3 children
  Yes-4 children
  Yes- 5 children
  Yes- 6 children
  Yes-7 children
  Yes- 8 children
  Yes- 9 children
9)   Oldest Child's age

10)   Are you a grandparent?

Yes No
11)   Youngest child's age

12)   Highest level of education

13)   Most Degrees/majors

14)   Lived in most cities in last 10 years. How many? List cities?

15)   Most Changed Classmate

16)   Least Changed Classmate

17)   Best Yearbook Picture-Girl

18)   Best Yearbook Picture-Boy

19)   Craziest things or hobbies you have done since high school

20)   Queen of Facebook

21)   King of Facebook

22)   Should the 25 year reunion be in Amarillo or a destination reunion?

  Las Vegas